Roomba 700 series FAQ

What is the AeroVac Series 2 Bin?

Roomba 700 Series AeroVac Series 2 Bin

Here is one of the new pieces of technology in the 700 Series Roombas, the AeroVac Series 2 Bin. When compared to the dust bin from a 500 Series Roomba, you can see that the bin is pretty different. The filters are very different, there is more space for debris inside of the bin, and the bin itself is a lot easier to empty out. , These new bins have more suction and that the debris gets distributed in the bin more evenly. The 700 Series Roombas all come with HEPA filters. HEPA filters are designed to capture very small particles so that common allergens don't get thrown into the air by the vacuum. So they're good filters for people with allergies.

Roomba 700 Series Cleaning Head module

One of the more obvious differences here is that the bearings on the 700 series are designed to not pick up as much hair. For one thing, on the left, the bearings on the 700 Series actually slip into something like a cowling, which keeps hair from wrapping around that end. On the 500 Series, these bearings are exposed and get all tangled up with hairs. Not as obvious, but also different, the bearings on the right side have been redesigned to make it so that there aren't grooves for the hair to wrap themselves up in. Besides these differences, iRobot claims that the 700 Series cleaning head is designed to pick up smaller particles better.

The 700 series comes with a new improved Dirt Detect feature but in the 770 and 780 only. So when the robot detects an especially dirty area, it will spend some time concentrating on that area. The battery life is claimed to be 50% longer. There is a bin full indicator light (again only in the 770 and 780). All come with remotes. The 780 comes with a touchpad control.

The Roomba 780 does not eat the tassels on your oriental rug. Also, it can figure out if it is chewing on a power cord and spit it back out, which is pretty cool! It makes a funny noise when it does that. Mostly, though, when it comes to cords and cables, you're going to want to move them out of the way or tuck them away as much as possible. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that there is some room prep you need to do before running your robot vacuum, but it's mostly prep you would have to do with a normal vacuum.

Does the 700 Series do a better job cleaning than the 500 series? How?

The primary advancements of the Roomba 700 Series are in its cleaning system. Maintaining a clean home is very important to customers, so there is constant focus on improving the robot's vacuuming abilities. The 700 Series Advanced Cleaning System provides cleaning improvements over the 500 Series in several ways:

  • The Advanced Cleaning Head picks up more dirt than earlier designs and specifically works better with fine dust.
  • AeroVacTM Series 2 Bin incorporates dual HEPA filters to help Roomba pick up and capture dust particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • The upgraded cleaning head and AeroVac Series 2 Bin combine to better handle hair by efficiently moving it to the dust bin and better resisting buildup on the brush bearings.
  • Dirt DetectTM Series 2 Technology (770 and 780 models only) allows Roomba to spend more time cleaning a wider variety of concentrated debris. In addition to Dirt Detect Series 1 Technology, which uses an acoustic sensor to find dirtier areas (typically hard, small particles like sand), Dirt Detect Series 2 incorporates an optical sensor to acoustic dirtier areas and spend more time cleaning them (think paper chads, popcorn and other larger, softer particles).
  • Roomba now employs our Persistent Pass Cleaning Method when it senses excessive dirt and debris, using a back and forth cleaning motion to apply extra elbow grease where it's needed most.
  • The 770 and 780 models also incorporate a Full Bin Indicator which notifies you when the bin needs to be emptied. Floor cleaning results are maximized when the bin has room to accept incoming dirt and debris.

Can I use accessories from the 500 series be used for the 700 series?

500 Series accessories (except for brushes, brush modules, bins and filters) are compatible with the 700 Series. Light houses, Virtual Walls and Home Base, chargers are compatible with 700 series.

How does the 700 series navigate and clean around the home?

As with the 500 Series, the 700 Series moves uses the iAdaptTM Responsive Cleaning Technology.

With iAdapt Technology, the robots use over 40 robotic behaviors and make more than 60 decisions per second to ensure that they clean every section of the room, making multiple passes over every area. This adaptive cleaning technology is what works best in the real world, where dirt doesn't fall in regimented rows and a bed skirt isn't the ultimate roadblock for dust. The robots clean the way you would - thoroughly and efficiently.
So how does it clean? Great! It definately does a great job of cleaning floors, carpeting, and rugs.