Scooba FAQ

Why Should I own a iRobot Scooba?

The Scooba's patented 4-stage cleaning system preps, washes, scrubs and squeegees your floor. Normal mopping is tedious and time consuming. Moreover, mopping with a conventional mop would only push debris, dirt and hair aside while applying "dirty" solution to your floor.
No more foot Stain!! Let the robot do the work!!

How does it work?

Scooba uses four cleaning methods in every pass.

  1. Preps - Scooba picks up loose dirt and light debris from the floor. You do not need to sweep the floor before using Scooba unless you have large objects such as pebbles or large food particles on the floor.
  2. Washes - Scooba continuously lays down a small amount of fresh cleaning solution.
  3. Scrubs - Scooba gently scrubs to clean spills and grime.
  4. Dries - Scooba's squeegee vacuum picks up dirty water and debris, leaving your floor clean and dry.

Scooba will clean until it has used all of the solution in the Clean tank, approximately 45 minutes. At the end of a cleaning cycle, Scooba will enter a drying mode.

Is It Effective?

After each cleaning cycle, the "Dirty Water" cleared from the dirty tank and the debris found in the Scooba filter are testimonials to it effectiveness in keeping your home clean.

Does Scooba Vacuum before it washes and scrubs?

Scooba sweeps up loose crumbs, sand and dirt to prep the floor before it washes, scrubs and squeegees the floor.

Does Scooba clean hardwood floors? What surface does it clean?

Scooba cleaning solution has been specifically engineered to be safe and effective on hard floor surfaces, including tile, linoleum, vinyl, marble, slate, stone and sealed hardwood.

Can you use iRobot Scooba on Laminated floor?

No. If water finds its way between the planks it will be absorbed into the core of the laminate and swelling will occur. Additionally, Scooba is not recommended for use on unfinished or unsealed hard floor surfaces, carpet, rugs or waxed floors. These surfaces may be damaged by water. (An unsealed floor does not have a coat of polyurethane to protect the sub-flooring from water damage).

In all cases, follow the floor manufacturer's cleaning recommendations

What solutions should or should not be used in Scooba?

Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner, Natural Enyzme Formula, is specially designed to be safe for use in Scooba. All natural and non-toxic, it's strong enough to clean tough spills, yet safe for you, your pets and our planet. And Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner is highly concentrated, so you get 64 uses out of each bottle (use one capful or one packet per cleaning). Water or water and vinegar are also safe to use. Use of other cleaning formulas is not recommended, as it may damage Scooba.

What the Difference Between the Scooba 330 and Scooba 380?

The key difference is that the Scooba 380 moves faster than the Scooba 330, thus covering a larger area (850sqft vs 250sqft) in the same amount of time and cleaning solution. It leaves floors drier and reduces per-cleaning expense, due to larger area cleaned with a single clean tank. The scooba 330 and 380 holds the same amount of cleaning solution with their identical tanks (aprox. 1L). A fully charged new battery can last for about 2 cycles of cleaning, with each cycle lasting approximately 45min to 1hr, depending on amount of cleaning solution in "clean tank" and type of surface

Useful Tips

Here are some ways to ensure that Scooba cleans to it full cleaning potential and provides maximum coverage

  • Remove furniture, clutter, and lightweight rugs from area to be cleaned.
  • Use the Virtual Wall® to contain Scooba to one room.
  • Always empty the Dirty tank and Clean tank after the cleaning cycle is complete.
  • Rinse the Dirty tank before storage.
  • Keep wheels and brush free from hair and debris by inspecting and cleaning the bottom of Scooba regularly.
  • Remove and rinse the filter, brush, and vacuum port after each use.

Scooba Battery Performance and Tips

Scooba is powered by a rechargeable battery. Scooba's battery will last for many cleaning cycles before needing replacement.

Battery Storage
You may allow the battery to remain in the Scooba while connected to the battery charger for up to two weeks.

If you do not intend to use the Scooba for two weeks or more, unplug the battery charger, remove the battery from the Scooba, and store it in a cool, dry place.

If you charge Scooba's battery in the external Charging Base, iRobot recommends unplugging the battery charger and removing the battery once the charge cycle is complete. Store the battery in a cool, dry area until you are ready to use it.

Battery Life
Fully charge Scooba's battery (3 to 4 hours) before each cleaning cycle. When fully charged, Scooba's battery will always last longer than a full Clean cycle. If you would like to run Scooba more frequently, you can purchase additional batteries and chargers online at Autovacstore's Scooba accessories section.

If Scooba cannot complete a cleaning cycle when fully charged, the battery needs to be replaced.

16-Hour Refresh Charge
With regular use, Scooba's battery will fully charge in 3 to 4 hours. In some cases, a longer, 16-hour refresh cycle will be required. This longer charge reconditions the battery when it is depleted, and helps extend Scooba's battery life.

When will Scooba require a 16-hour refresh charge?

  • Before you use Scooba for the first time
  • When Scooba and its battery have been unplugged for an extended period